Driver Awareness Workshop

Fun and interactive real world workshop

Your drivers are attending a risk reduction exercise.  The workshop is very interactive and involves lots of peer learning and fun group activities. The ethos of the workshop is the driver has responsibility for how they behave when they drive. Your business has fulfilled your duty of care by putting their driver through the workshop.

The introduction at the beginning of the workshop clearly states that this course is real world.

The point of the group exercises is to confirm that drivers aren’t always as knowledgeable as they think and we can fill any gaps in their knowledge.

Today in the UK 5 people will die on our road and historically about a third are work related drivers.

Topics covered

  • Commentary drive film, enabling drivers to read the signs and markings, hazard lines, hatch markings, repeater signs and much more
  • They will also know what happens if they are involved in a serious incident. The investigation that follows and the data that will be supplied to court from the police
  • Fitness to drive – One of the subjects covers the elapsed time of alcohol
  • Licence codes – 01 for instance on the back of a licence means the driver should drive with corrected vision or 70I means the driver passed their driving test in Italy with no necessity to have any UK familiarisation
  • Speed limits – How to recognise them if you’ve missed the signs
  • Parking – Making sensible choices regarding personal security and stating that if you claim it was damaged while unattended please take supporting photos (mirror glass on the ground)
  • Safe following distance – It’s very common for a business driver to be involved in a rear end shunt, much more that privately owned vehicles, we discuss driving defensively
  • ESP and other electronic systems fitted in vehicles now
  • Phone law – the real definition of hands free and an insight to the construction and use laws
  • Distractions – sat nav, drinking coffee, how law stands
  • Reaction times – the distance covered every second at various speeds
  • Fatigue – how tired is too tired?

After three and half  hours of a fun and informative workshop, sometimes reluctantly, the drivers realised it’s all down to you!