Safer Driving at Work:
E-Learning Course

Looks at advanced driving by anticipating rather than simply reacting to hazard

The Safer Driving at Work – E-Learning Course is a valuable learning aid for anyone to raise their hazard perception and advance their driving. Giving a better understanding of the meaning of the signs and markings and how to respond safely.

The course is designed to complement driver training and encourage best practice on the road.

Duration approx.: 45 minutes

Additional course details: Quiz on defensive driving & certificate of completion of the course

Safer Driving at Work – E-Learning Course addresses key elements of advanced driving techniques using the C.O.A.S.T. acronym – Concentration, Observation, Anticipation, Space and Time. Users are then encouraged to practice their skills by viewing a number of short filmed car journeys to pick out hazards and features before we do a commentary on the trips. At relevant points, interactive questions test understanding, and users also have to successfully complete a quiz at the end of the course to release their completion certificate.


PLEASE NOTE: bookings are direct through echo3education