Safer Driving at Work:
Virtual Online Workshop

An experienced driver trainer will guide five participants through the virtual online workshop, to end with a personal plan to build on.

A cost-effective, meaningful course.

Topics covered:

  • Commentary drive film, enabling drivers to read the signs and markings, hazard lines, hatch markings, repeater signs and much more
  • They will also know that we are judged on the outcome of our decisions
  • Fitness to drive, we share the road with many impaired drivers
  • Speed limits – How to recognise them if you’ve missed the signs
  • Safe following distance – It’s very common for a business driver to be involved in a rear-end shunt, much more that privately owned vehicles, we discuss driving defensively
  • Phone law – the real definition of hands-free and an insight to the construction and use laws
  • Distractions – sat nav, drinking coffee, how law stands
  • Reaction times – the distance covered every second at various speeds

A fun and informative workshop, sometimes reluctantly, the drivers realised it’s all down to you!

Safer Driving at Work can also be adapted or tailored to suit your own needs – please CONTACT US for more details.