UK Familiarisation Training Course

The course designed around each individual driver and their previous driving experience.

  • Licence check (if not already complete)
  • Introduce the company driving policy
  • A short presentation on how to recognize speed limits and a few common road signs
  • Vehicle check
  • On road training will start with an initial drive to gauge the competency and confidence of the driver
  • The training will be tailored to achieve a safe standard
  • Each training session will receive a report on the driver

If the driver falls below a safe standard, we will make that known to the line manager straight away. In this case, we would recommend the driver be not permitted to drive until further training has taken place.

The ideal standard would be low or medium risk and in this case, the driver would be signed off.

The training sessions are:

  • Half day
  • Full day (with a break taken at a mutually convenient time and place)

The location and time can be arranged with the driver.

The training will take place in your vehicle that must be fully insured by you for the training and for the trainer to drive.