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"You've opened our minds"

Vicky, you have the ability to combine an engaging delivery, whilst at the same time, taking your audience through a very stark, fact-based reality……. Of how a routine daily situation can so quickly unfold, changing the lives of not only the 3rd party, but also the driver.  This is powerful stuff.
Key for me, is that my staff will remember this for a long time to come.
Thank you.

Delighted with the response from the team

Thanks so much for coming up to Leicester and running the second course for British Gas. I’ve had numerous emails and have been delighted with the response from the team.

Looks like you’ve made a few more hard core drivers a little safer on the roads.

Personally I’m relieved and proud that we’ve been able to do this, my people’s safety is the most important thing and this will help everyone think a little differently.

Thanks for your energy, enthusiasm and passion for the subject – that’s what makes the difference.

A quick note to say thanks

A quick note to say thanks for arranging the Speed awareness course – The course has been so valuable and changed my behaviour imminently (as not only does this impact me but my children)– More so I was able to give an in-depth overview to my husband (as that’s all I talked about all evening yesterday!) and he has too told me how he will be changing his driving habits going forward – so a great result!

Thanks again!

I was pleasantly surprised with the course

Just to say I was pleasantly surprised with the course. It was actually good fun, very interesting and will certainly change the way I drive and the way I think about things. I would recommend it to anyone.

Vicky managed to make the subject very engaging

Just wanted to drop you a line to say Thank-you for arranging the Driver Safety/Awareness session yesterday. It was excellent and I’ll be honest I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about it before hand! However the way it was done, the information provided and Vicky managed to make the subject very engaging, and more importantly, meaningful for me. I got to my car yesterday and moved the seat & headrest! With my now increased knowledge about protecting myself on the road has had a very real impact on me, so Thank-you, I hope the rest of the business takes note and gives everyone else the change to have the same session!

Fantastic Tutor

Vicky was a fantastic tutor and whilst I consider myself a ‘marvellous driver’ (don’t we all!) she gave me a lot of food for thought…

Vicky was fabulous

Vicky was fabulous, she knew her stuff and knew her audience. Very much the highlight of the day.

Expert knowledge, got the message across with humour considering the seriousness of the subject.

The best presenter of the day – engaged fully with her audience, expert knowledge, got the message across with humour considering the seriousness of the subject.

Able to make salient points very quickly by engaging the audience in a very personable way. Able to enlist volunteers to help make her points. Brilliant and unforgettable.

The use of audience members to demonstrate how having to think makes you take your eye of the ball was a revelation. Simple and very effective.

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