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We are totally focused on delivering information and messages that will make a genuine difference to drivers. We appreciate the issues facing all drivers on today’s roads. We have spent many years building an understanding of the common misconceptions of experienced drivers and finding realistic ways to help.

Please consider we are very much at risk while on the road. It is estimated that a third of road deaths and serious injuries each year involve people driving for work. RoSPA calculates that, after deep sea fishing and coal mining, driving 25,000 miles a year on business is the most life-threatening activity we undertake.

Employers have a “duty of care” this includes any driving activity on the road. This also includes ‘grey fleet’ that is drivers who drive their personal vehicle on company business; employers must ensure the vehicles are fit for purpose, making sure their drivers have business insurance is one of the most basic requirements. If you invite your workforce to an offsite meeting or conference, you have instructed them to do business mileage.

Are your drivers putting you and your company at risk? Who goes to prison if gross negligence is proved?

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Your drivers may have signed a transport policy that states you must not use the mobile phone; have you actually explained the law regarding mobiles?

If your drivers are using mobiles in vehicles, do you start every phone call with “are you safe to take this call”? The driver’s behaviour is what is important, not what the driver believes. Someone may be committing a dangerous driving offence even though they believe they are driving safely. Crown prosecution service.

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